Pick up and delivery service

Having work done to a computer is usually complex, expensive, and frustrating. At Planet Computers, we try to be fast, friendly, and reasonably priced. To that aim our standard way of doing business is pick up and delivery. We come to you!

On our first visit, we will perform our free diagnostic and evaluation to get to the heart of your computer's status. From there, depending on what you want and need done, we will either take your system with us, or come back another day to get it, in case we have to order parts. 

This keeps our standard costs low by allowing us to work on more then one system at a time. Conveniently, this also allows you to go about your day without a computer technician in your house! Payment due on delivery. 

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If you are having a computer emergency, or need the work done ASAP, check out our on-site service option.

On-Site service

Got a computer emergency? It's payday, and your computer won't boot? Homework due, like yesterday? You may want to schedule on-site service! The cost is higher, but we will work on your system right there with you, answering any questions you may have and providing valuable feedback and information you can use immediately.

Before we start work, we will run our free diagnostic and evaluation so we know what we are up against. We can generally fix most software problems and some minor hardware problems the same day, but if your hardware has big time failed, we may only be able to do diagnostics and order parts. In cases like these, we will usually have to come back another day, and you would be charged the lower pick up and delivery prices.

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Does it feel like its time for a new computer? Is it slow to boot up, games are stuttering, and you're unable to run that new high-end software you need to use?

Sometimes you just need an upgrade instead of a whole new computer! A faster CPU, SSD conversion, and more memory can make your system far more capable. A new video card can make your games feel blazing fast and smooth like butter. A new monitor can give you a fresh perspective. We will come and visit to run our free diagnostic and evaluation. Then we will discuss with you what your computer's trouble spots are. Then we can come up with a customized upgrade plan that can take you from molasses to white lightning! 

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Business Services

As a small business, you are concerned with protecting your valuable information, as well as your ability to do business and internal administration. Or at least you should be! Do you have a plan if your computer crashes, looses data or goes up in smoke? We can help create and execute that plan. Periodic maintenance. Data Management. Disaster Planning. We can help with all of it!

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Website design and hosting

Does your small business have a real website, or just a Facebook page? Does your website look good on smartphones? Do you like my website better then yours? Let's get you fixed up!

We have partnered with the excellent N3W of Newport to create spectacular small business websites at a reasonable cost. This includes custom design, smartphone and tablet compatibility, hosting and maintenance (future changes). 

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